Getting Back on Track

Have you ever caught yourself saying “Just one more piece of chocolate” and it turns into 10 more or “Eh I’ll just go to the gym/exercise tomorrow” next thing you know it’s been a week since you’ve exercised. I know I have caught myself in this trap plenty of times! This happens to everyone, whether they admit it or not, whether they’re extremely fit or not, it happens to all of us and it’s important to recognize the signs and try our best to beat the bad habits.

Friends and family will always ask me how I stay motivated but to be honest I fall off track too whether it’s not eating healthy or exercising, it happens to me too. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love running and lifting but there are days where I just want to say screw this, give me all the unhealthy foods.

It can also be very frustrating living in a world with social media, you may have people you look up to such as a famous cook, athlete, lifter, public figure etc and they seem perfect and you can’t understand why they’re so amazing! Social media allows us to only see the positives and ups in their life, we don’t see their struggles or their failures because they have to hold a certain image. Everyone falls off track whether they are vocal about it or not and it’s important to realize you are NOT the only one and it’s normal. Whatever you’re trying to achieve is probably not easy, it’s difficult and you’re going to have failures, but learn from them and come out even stronger and more knowledgeable than before. I’ll be honest because I’ve was stuck in this rut for the past couple weeks and was having a difficult time getting out of it. I was having days where everything I ate was unhealthy and I didn’t care about portion size nor did I care about going to the gym. At the end of the day I would tell myself tomorrows a new day… the famous words that I tell myself but do I really listen to those words at that moment? The honest answer… no way!

We all struggle with falling off track or losing motivation and the hardest part is getting back on track. Maybe you’re reading this because you feel like you’ve lost your way, you’re struggling physically and mentally because you’ve fallen off track? Or you feel like all your progress has gone out the window? Or maybe you’ve just lost all motivation all together? That being said, I wanted to give some tips and tricks to help you get back on track and start working towards your goals again.

Don’t feel like you need to do this alone!

I am the biggest offender of this because I’m not the type to share how I’m feeling or my emotions in general, but it can get to a point where you’re so in your head that you probably need some outside positivity to help you over come these thoughts. For me I’m currently training for my first marathon on May 11, 2019 and there have been a couple times where I just want to quit and say screw it. I never knew how hard training would be mentally and physically, I’m running distances that my legs and watch have never seen! So I decided to reach out to a couple of my running friends for advice or to see if what I’m feeling is normal. It was the best decision ever… because I realized from talking with them that everything I was feeling was completely normal. Training for a Marathon is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone and it’s going to be hard, if it was easy, everyone would be running marathons! If losing weight was easy, everyone would be doing it. If eating healthy was easy, everyone would be doing it. You’re goals are not easy and that’s why it’s called a goal and challenge, you have to work for it! All in all, It was kind of a relief to be reminded of this and I shouldn’t get discouraged because I’m right on track. My advice to you is don’t give up because you’re stronger than you think.

So whatever you’re feeling reach out to someone and express your concerns. Don’t try to do something alone because the support of friends will help tremendously. It doesn’t even have to be about exercise… maybe you’re struggling with eating healthy, friends/family can help and hold you accountable because honestly you’re probably not the only one with these struggles.

Eliminate the Temptations

You probably already know where this is heading. This is actually one of my biggest struggles because when I fall off track I have no will power when it comes to food. I will chose the ice cream and oreos over my celery and hummus or my bowl of fruit. It’s hard because I don’t believe in eliminating foods to reach goals however this is something that I have to do until I cut out that craving. I will go through everything in the pantry and throw away any food that’s going to hinder me getting back on track. Once I regain some self control I will pick up some ice cream so it becomes a treat and not a need. I think it’s very important to eliminate the need and treat it as a treat.

Sign up for events!

Whenever I feel like I’m losing motivation, I will sign up for events, this could include a race or a work out class, just something that will force me to get moving again. Sometimes the hardest part will be just getting to the class or signing up for a race but it’s that adrenaline rush and being surrounded by like minded people that will give you that little boost of motivation and confidence. If you are nervous about going to places by yourself, take a friend along!

I’m a huge fan of signing up for events and classes. I started a challenge for 2019 to run one race every month of the year, which has actually helped me stay motivated with running because I always want to do better than my last race. It’s also just an overall fun day with friends that I can look forward to. One of the races I signed up for was a half marathon race out in Indy where my brother lives, it was a difficult race but being surrounded by all those people was an amazing feeling. We are all out there to do our best and support each other.

Believe in yourself!

This concept can be more difficult than it seems like but I believe it’s the most important one. You really have to dig down deep and find your motivation from with in. How bad do you want to meet your goals? If you don’t believe in yourself, then you’re never going to reach your goals. It sounds a little looney but tell yourself that you can do this! I was out for an 18 miler and started crashing around mile 14 because I didn’t bring enough snacks, but I kept reminding myself, “Alright Jill you got this, keep going, you’re going to feel amazing once it’s done”.

I want to leave you with this… whatever your goals are or wherever you are in life, reach out to friends and family, believe in yourself, eliminate the negatives, and stay busy.

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