Failure Leads to Success

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “failure”? It’s probably something negative and most definitely not associated with success, right? You might be thinking I’m a little crazy, but I think by the end of this post you will realize that failure leads to success. Or you might already understand that failure leads to success, but I think it’s always a great reminder.

Failure is a part of LIFE!

Have you ever met a person that has never had a setback when trying to reach a goal? Probably not! It’s hard to associate failure as a positive thing because people are afraid to broadcast their failures, very rarely will you see friends and family post on social media that they weren’t selected for a job, or they failed to reach their goal weight for that week, or not meeting a deadline.

Most people are very excited when they reach their goal and you think “wow, that’s incredible” or “damn, they look really good now!” As much as I love to see people reaching their goals, it’s also very motivating to know that they also had failures and challenges they had to push through to reach their goal. Isn’t it more realistic and motivating to know that they failed throughout the process and still came out on top!?

We put so much pressure on ourselves to make sure we don’t fail that we tend to forget that it’s okay to fail. Once you realize it’s okay to fail, you then need to realize how to bounce back from it. There’s two things that could happen – 1. You give up or 2. You take it as a learning opportunity and keep trying! Which leads me into my next point…

Failure helps you improve yourself to reach your goal!

What makes you stronger in the end is knowing you tackled all these obstacles and road blocks to meet your goal! You fell down… maybe you fell pretty hard but that’s not going to stop you from reaching your goal.

Beginning of 2019 I set myself two fitness goals. My first goal was to run my first marathon and my second goal was to run a race every month. I was so excited and proud of myself for completing both of these goals, I even posted it on social media. What people didn’t see was all of the challenges I faced and all the failures that I came across. I had quite a few failures that made me want to give up and say screw it.

One of my failures that sticks out the most was a morning I set out to run a 12 miler and I only ended up running 2 miles. I was extremely discouraged for the day and was being harsh on myself thinking “how in the world am I going to run 26.2 miles when I can’t even run 2?!” I took a step back and asked myself “why? what went wrong” I realized that I did not fuel my body properly for this run. I learned from this to make sure the next long run I crushed it!

Another failure I had was mid summer I ran a 5k thinking I was going to have a new personal best… boy was I wrong! I ran the race 10 minutes slower then my normal pace and might have shed some tears of being so frustrated. Then I realized this was ONE race and we all have bad days and shouldn’t judge my whole running on one bad race.

I think it’s very powerful and important for others to know that no matter how fit you are or how many accomplishments you have, everyone faces challenges where they fail. For me personally, when I looked at other runners I would always ask myself “How is it so easy for them?!” I didn’t always realize that they worked their asses off but also have challenges and failures too. Everyone isn’t always open for the world too see their failures as our society associates failure as a negative thing.

Fear of Failure

Don’t be afraid of failure because it’s normal!

Never let your fear hold you back from something you’re passionate about because you’re afraid of failing. This one holds close to my heart for many different reasons. Before I started my fitness journey I was terrified, I would always think… “what if I can’t do it” or “what are people going to think?” First off, it’s important to realize that the decisions you make should be for yourself. I started out my fitness journey to prove to others that I could lose the weight which was unhealthy. I lost some weight and gained it back during college, I was kind of defeated but once I learned that I’m doing this for myself that’s when I really started hitting my goals.

My next example is not related to fitness but I think it’s something everyone can relate to. I’m currently struggling with Maine winters… I love Maine, I love summers, I love that all my friends and family are here but I have always dreamed about moving south. People will ask me why don’t you just move? I always say it’s not the right time, but really.. when is the right time?! When I really think about it, I’m scared. I’m scared that I’m going to give up a great life that I have for something that I actually might end up hating, I’m afraid that I’m not going to find a new career where I move, I’m afraid I might not make new friends. It’s my fear of failure that’s holding me back from this new adventure. So I get it! Fear of failure is not easy to overcome, it’s not easy to go out of our comfort zone. One thing that I try to do is think of something similar I’ve done in the past. I moved to Michigan which was 14 hours away from my friends and family and not only did I graduate I never regret making that decision. Yes, I had some challenges and struggles but I did it!

Never Give Up

Failure leads to success. Failure makes you stronger and wiser. Failure makes you appreciate when you reach your goal that much more. Failure helps you learn and grow. Failure pushed you out of your comfort zone. It’s okay to fail, just don’t let it defeat you!

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  1. Failure is motivation–thanks for your insight and well done!

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    1. Thank you! Failure is definitely motivation


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